Installing a 3 Rail Wood Farm Gate

Installing a 3 Rail Wood Farm Gate Frame

First things first, if you are considering putting in a 3 rail farm gate you must consider if you plan on adding gate opener automation to open and close your driveway gate. This is one of the main features of the 3 rail farm gate. We use the same grade aluminum as we do when we build our semi-custom picketed driveway gates. 6061-T6 aluminum was chosen for its strength and resilience, which if you are going to use a gate opener there will be torque and pressures put on the frame that may bend or contort other 3 rail farm gates not made of the same material.

The steps are fairly simple as you will see in the video above. We will cover some odds and ends that you wont find in the video and the rest yo can pick up from that:

  • Pick your wood wisely. Keep in mind this is going to be the entrance to your driveway and if you are going to automate the gate. You will want the wood to look nice and hold up well to weathering. Also you do not want it to warp at all, this could get your gate opener out of alignment. Redwood is a great choice if it is available. Many people use a pressure treated pine however this is not as attractive and has toxins in it so you would not want it to have regular contact with animals or people.
  • Carriage bolt heads sink into the wood for a nice finish. Carriage bolts have the rounded head with a square base under the head that normally goes into a square hole made for the carriage bolt. However if you used a carriage bolt with wood, as you tighten the bolt down the square base will sink into and grab the wood leaving just a shiny rounded head on the outside of the driveway gate.
  • Paint the frame before adding the wood. Seems obvious but many people consider this a finishing step to building the driveway gate and tape off and paint the frame after it is fully built. Beside it being much easier not having to tape anything off if you do it before hand; the paint will have less likelihood of chipping or flaking if it is one continuous seal around the metal inside of just one side.