Increasing Your Property Value

Seven seconds. That’s the time it takes for a person to create their own first impression on something. This fact also relates to your home. You don’t want people to have a negative connotation when driving by your home, so what can you do to change this? We’ll talk about what typical changes do to property value, as well as the addition of a front entrance driveway gate.

It is essential to plan out what will bring the greatest value to your property.

If you read a multitude of articles on the web concerning the return on investment of your home, the number one thing they speak on is curb appeal. Curb appeal is the allurement that the exterior of a property provides. I’ve decided to go a bit further and see just what brings in the big bucks as it pertains to curb appeal.


According to Remodeling Magazine’s “Cost vs. Value Report of 2015”, the top three things that bring a great return on investment are the replacement of a garage, siding, windows, and front door. Depending on if you replace the door with fiberglass or steel, your ROI can range between 72% and 101.8%. A garage door replacement brought in approximately 88.4% in 2015. The siding and window replacement brought a little lower ROI of 77.6% and 72%.

Door, window, siding, and garage door replacements are great upgrades. The addition of a driveway gate brings a curb appeal the other homes can’t provide.

While all these bring in a significant ROI, the addition of a driveway gate brings your property value up and will help sell your property faster. These other replacements only increase the ROI in dollars. A gate is the better choice because it increases your ROI monetarily while also giving off a perceived exclusivity and feeling of security. Let’s talk what’s important first: the numbers.


According to Chris McGoey at Crime Doctor’s, “Adding an attractive automatic entry gate system can add $50,000 or more to single family home values.” According to Riverside Fence Blog, “automatic driveway gates can add up to 5% to your home’s value.” With gate packages as low as $3,000 at Gate Crafters, you can easily reap the benefits of having an automatic gate on your property. Let’s say you purchase a high end gate opener for $5,000 from Gate Crafters and your property is appraised at $400,000. With the addition of just that driveway gate, you can increase your property value to $420,000. This is a $15,000 return, from a $5,000 investment.

Photo sent in from a happy customer with the purchase of a driveway gate from GateCrafters.

The three most important concepts to understand when buying a property (whether for living purposes or as an investment) is always location, location, and location. People want to purchase a residence where the schools are exceptional and crime rates are remarkably low. To add an extra sense of security to any property (whether it is in a crime stricken area or not) you can put up a driveway gate. Chris McGoey at Crime Doctor’s states, “criminals will bypass a gated community for one that is not gated simply because of the restricted access.” Now along with the security comes the ease of getting into your property with your remote or even the capability of using your cell phone. The driveway gate also gives the perception that someone important lives in the home. When buyers look to purchase a home, they always check to see what the neighboring homes are going for. They usually aren’t afraid to spend a couple more dollars if the home provides just the right curb appeal.
If you want your property to bring a greater ROI while standing out from the other properties in the neighborhood, the addition of a driveway gate is your best bet. Check out our website or get in contact with our sales reps to boost your property value today.

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Routine Gate Maintenance

One topic that every old, new, or potential gate owner should cover is the proper maintenance of a gate. Everyone knows that every great product requires care, and a gate opener is no different. Let’s discuss some simple tech tips to keep your gate opener operating at its full potential for years to come.

For this entire discussion, we will be referring to the Estate Swing E-S1000 gate opener due to its popularity. If you have a linear actuator style gate opener, you may notice that your opener may stop and try to reverse when opening. This problem is occurring due to buildup on the screw drive, so we’ll tackle that problem first.

Blaster Spray Garage Door Lubricant
This is the GateCrafters’s choice of lubricant for your gate opener’s screw drive

Heat and humidity can cause surface rust to form on your screw drive. To perform the task you need a screwdriver and Blaster’s Spray Garage Door Opener Lubrication (seen above). What you want to do first is extend the gate opener arm fully and remove the limit switch track. Spray just a small amount of the lubricant into the holes at the bottom of the tube assembly. To get an even coating of the lubricant, run the opener either manually or via remote. Repeat this process to ensure that the arm is sufficiently lubricated. Once your arm is gliding smoothly, re-attach the limit switch track and make sure the limit positions have not changed by operating the gate (adjust as necessary).

WD-40's Specialist Water Resistant
GateCrafters recommends WD-40’s Specialist Water Resistant Silicone Lubricant for all exterior moving parts of your gate opener.

Now let’s shift our attention towards the piston and get that lubricated. This process requires two materials: WD-40 Specialist Water Resistant Silicone Lubricant and a rag. Grab your lubricant and spray it onto the piston surface. Now, using the rag spread the lubricant on the piston surface in its entirety. This process will help protect the rubber scrub seal and prevent any surface rust or corrosion. Once this is complete you are now halfway through the process.

While your silicone is curing from the previous step, you can now lubricate your post and gate brackets. This is often one of the most overlooked areas of proper gate maintenance,  yet it is the easiest step. You just grab your WD-40 lubricant as mentioned in the previous step and apply a liberal amount to the opener’s pivot points.  That wasn’t to bad, right?

Now we are on to the final step. We can now cover an area of the gate that should get the most attention: the lubrication of your gate hinge. Any high quality gate hinges will feature a zerk grease fitting, and now is the time to grease the ball bearings with your choice of grease. You can use anything from marine grease to any automotive grease. Just a quick note: when you are inspecting your hinges, be sure to place a level on your gate. You are doing this to ensure that your posts haven’t shifted over time causing stress on the opener.

By doing all these essential yet simple routine check-ups, you can extend the life of your system and prevent any issues down the road. We here at GateCrafters recommend performing these checkups every 3-months and the internal lubrication once a year. That’s all from “GateCrafters Tech Tips” for today. Watch the video below for a visual representation of the steps above.

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