Reliability and Your Gate Opener

From time to time our customers ask us why their gate opener is not as reliable as their garage door opener.  Last week we covered routine gate and gate opener maintenance tips that every gate owner should do.  These tips will lead to higher levels of reliability for your gate and gate opener.

Lets first discuss why your garage door opener tends to be more reliable than your gate opener.  One of the major areas that leads to the increased reliability of the garage door opener is that the garage door opener is protected from the elements.  Because of this the lubricants on the garage door tracks last longer and need less maintenance.  The springs on the garage door assembly help the door become neutrally buoyant.  When the garage door is neutrally buoyant, it allows the opener to pull the door open with minimal force.  Now, here is one of the areas where you can increase the reliability of your gate opener system.  You should be able move your gate to the mid point of its cycle.  The gate should not move towards the open or closed position.  If your gate does move adjust the hinges so the gate become neutrally buoyant.

Additionally your garage door opener is protected from the elements whereas, your gate opener is constantly exposed to the weather.  This is where the continual maintenance is key for the reliability of your gate opener.  If you have a swinging gate, the force of the wind can cause additional strain on your gate opener.

So if take both of these videos into consideration, you will be able to get garage door opener reliability with your gate opener.

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