Maintenance Free vs Maintained Gate Openers

In the world of retail products the buzz words “maintenance free” are being promoted as the solution to home owner peace of mind. In the gate opener industry this is being promoted as well. We take issue with this idea for one primary reason:

Commercial grade products are built to a higher standard of reliability than residential products.

Commercial grade products require maintenance and if maintained properly will give many years of service.

Then if you have a product that is “maintenance free” can it really be commercial grade quality and last for years? If such a thing existed wouldn’t it dominate the commercial market?

This is why the notion of “maintenance free” is really just another way to say it is priced to be discarded and a new one purchased. The manufacturers of those products don’t intend it to be kept for long periods of time or repaired.

Maintenance is not a difficult task on most gate openers. Take for example the E-S 1000 or Classic. A “once a year” form of maintenance that will keep it working beautifully is screw-drive lubrication. Here is a video of the process.

Mechanical products simply perform better when maintained. So our suggestion on maintenance free gate openers is to consider what is being said about maintenance free and why.

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2 Replies to “Maintenance Free vs Maintained Gate Openers”

  1. You make an interesting point there about the term “maintenance free” and how it can essentially be discarded later on down the road instead of serviced. I will admit that the term is a big draw when searching for a gate opener (the idea of no work is always a draw), but it makes sense that take the time to do a little maintenance here and there will yield better results. I will keep this in mind when purchasing and, in the future, when servicing.

  2. The idea of having a nice gate out in front of my home has always been a dream of mine. They look so cool but they also provide quality security. This helped me know what to look for in a good gate and I hope that I can find one soon.

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