A second life for a single gate opener control board

If you are the owner of an Estate Swing E-S 300, E-S 500, E-S 1600, E-SC 1600, E-S 1000 single swing gate opener and have an issue where the Motor1 terminals are no longer putting out power you are in luck – here is a quick fix to not have to replace the control board.

First lets explain the gate opener symptom:

The gate opener will stop opening on command from an accessory. When the control box is opened you notice that when you press your entry device the display says OP or CL and then counts as if the gate opener motor is supposed to be moving. If you do not see the display on the control board counting this is not the solution to your issue.

Before you decide the gate opener’s Motor1 output is finished, do two things:

A. Check the 3rd fuse on the lower left side of the board (3rd fuse being the one on the right, fuses are in small rectangular black boxes) for continuity using a continuity meter or ohm meter. If you do not have a multi-meter swap the second fuse with the third fuse, the second fuse is for the secondary gate opener motor, which in a single gate operation you won’t have, so it should be a good fuse that you can utilize as a spare for the primary arm. (If your board is old and only has 2 fuse boxes, not 3, ignore test A; your motors are not fuse protected)

B. Take your large red and large black from the motor1 terminals and touch them directly to a 12V battery. Polarity of red to positive / black to negative will make the gate opener move one direction and reversing the polarity will make the gate opener move the opposite direction. DO NOT use anything but a battery to do this test, you can use your car battery for this. (if your opener is 24V you can still use a 12V battery, it will just move half speed. All you are wanting to see is if there is power applied to the motor that it will indeed move)

If you have the symptoms above and A and B are checked you can do the following to get a second life from your control board:

1. Move your large red and large black gate opener motor wires from the motor1 terminals to the motor2 terminals.

2. Move your small yellow, red, and black gate opener limit switch wires from limit1 terminals to limit2 terminals.

3. In the limit1 terminals block use two small pieces of wire to connect all three terminals together. Referred to as jumpering the terminals.

4. Remove power from the circuit board and change the number 2 dip switch to the ON position. This will be the UP position, labeled as dual gate on the control board.

5. Change your P4 setting to 00. This is the “delay between leafs” setting. (If you have a really old board with only 4 parameters instead of 5 or 6 parameters this will be your P3 setting instead of P4)

Now you should be able to operate your gate opener again.

Picture of Modifications to be done to operate a single gate opener off the secondary gate terminals
Modifications to be done to operate a single gate opener off the secondary gate terminals
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