Gate opener and keypad with open AND party mode hold open function

The Estate Swing E-S 1000H single gate opener, Estate Swing E-S 1000D dual gate opener, Estate Swing E-S 300 single gate openerEstate Swing E-S 302 dual gate openerEstate Swing E-S 500 single gate openerEstate Swing E-S 502 dual gate openerEstate Swing E-S 1600 single gate opener, Estate Swing E-S 1602 dual gate openerEstate Swing E-SC 1600 single gate openerEstate Swing E-SC 1602 dual gate opener when paired with the Estate Swing Stainless Steel keypad can work in party mode via a selected code.

Party mode is when you normally have your driveway gate function with auto re-close but you can override the auto re-close for an indefinite period of time via an easily accessible device rather than a setting on the gate opener circuit board.

To do this with the above mentioned gate opener and keypad are going to run an additional 2 wires from the keypad to the control board. These wires will be from the blue and orange wires of the keypad. These wires will go to PhotoCell block terminals Photo and Gnd. The wires will replace the jumper that is currently in the terminals.

Then you will program an Auxiliary code on the keypad. To do so enter programming mode, press 2, enter a code to hold the gate open. Then define the auxiliary output by entering programming mode, pressing 6, and then typing 2100.

It will work this way: when the driveway gate is open and in auto re-close count down the user will type in the auxiliary code in the keypad. This will stop the auto re-close count down. When you wish to stop holding the gate open, type the auxiliary code in again and the gate will count down the re-close time and shut.

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