Gate opener gate lock fails during hottest or coldest part of day

The first instinct in this scenario in the gate opener world is that there is an electronic failure for the gate opener sending power to the lock or the lock is failing electronically. However, it is typically a mechanical change on the driveway gate that is brought about by heat or cold. Heat is expanding the metal of the driveway gate and cold is contracting it causing the lock to physically jam. We have had this happen with cold on our gate here in Florida. The rear gate of our property is 14 feet in length and it is typically warm here in Florida and that is when we aligned everything including the lock. However in Jan/Feb some mornings get really cold. On these mornings the metal of the 14 foot gate contract and our lock was jamming. When the sun came up and temperatures changed everything was fine again.

Here is a video for all you need to know on testing the gate opener automatic gate lock:

Toward the end we demonstrate what it looks like when the gate lock gets jammed, essentially the latch doesn’t move, giving the impression that something failed electronically.

For a failure here would be our suggested remedy (we are picking hottest part of the day for demonstration). During the hot part of the day when the gate lock fails taking the cap off the end of the lock and look inside while someone activates the gate opener. See if you can see any flutter of movement of the latch trying to release. If this is the issue, loosen the lock bolts and slightly adjust the lock during the hot part of the day, in most cases there is enough adjustment in the lock to account for the difference in the gate size during the heat vs non-heat to make an adjustment that will work for both time.

Otherwise, if this is not the issue, test the gate lock and lock control board from the steps in the beginning of the video during that time of the day.

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