Driveway gate posts additional tips

This is a continuation of our standard manual:

Bracing of the driveway gate posts:

If using standard concrete, use wood to brace the driveway gate posts from becoming out of plumb. One end of a long piece of wood will be clamped to the driveway gate post. The other end will be screwed to a piece of wood that you drive vertically into the ground using a hammer.
It is easiest to first drive a small piece of wood into the ground. Then attach the long piece of wood using a screw. Then tilt the long piece of wood toward the driveway gate post, move the post to ensure it is plumb and clamp it.
Repeat this again facing the perpendicular direction preventing the driveway gate post from leaning forward or back with one brace and left or right with the other brace.
Pouring concrete:
Pour a footer around the pipe in the base of the hole. This means your hole should be deeper than the posts will go down. So if you are planning on have 2 feet of your 8 foot tall driveway gate post in the ground, your hole will be 3 feet deep and you would fill the first 1 foot up with concrete as a footer.
If you are using standard concrete then after your footer is dry, fill the hole the rest of the way with wet concrete to the surface. Then while the concrete is still very wet and soupy side the driveway gate post over the galvanized pipe – trapping concrete inside the driveway gate post where the pipe is. Then plumb your post and check your measurements.
Quick setting concrete:
You can use quick setting concrete but there will be two differences:
1. After your foundation of concrete is set you will position the driveway gate post over the galvanized pipe. Have someone hold it while you check plumpness and measurements. Then fill the hole around the outside of the driveway gate post with the quick setting concrete. This set in a few minutes so be sure to have help holding the driveway gate post and keeping an eye on the plumb of the driveway gate post.
2. Concrete will still go inside the post as well but you cannot trap it inside while the concrete is wet because it sets too quickly. You will have to do step one and let everything set. Then, while the post cap is off the top of the driveway gate post, dump wet concrete into the driveway gate post to fill in around the pipe that is inside of it.
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