Solar gate opener used without solar

Solar gate openers in all actuality are simply very efficient battery operated gate openers. The incoming solar energy is collected and utilized to keep the battery charged for powering the gate opener. Having a very low draw gate opener, like the US Automatic Patriot or the Estate Swing E-S1000H, and a large high quality battery will allow your gate to operate long periods (with low usage we have experienced over a month) without an incoming charge. This fact is important for an out of the box gate opener solution.

We have worked with customers that are in remote areas with no power available near the gate area and terrible sunlight; a seemingly impossible scenario. Take Alaska for example, parts like Barrrow have 30 days of no sunlight. Other parts of Alaska get nearly unusable sun light for solar purposes because of the tilt of the earth’s axis. The sun is basically rotating around the horizon. Other gate opener scenarios that have required a work around have been camp grounds in heavily wooded area that need gates but have no opportunity for sunlight because of the tree and other remote areas such a parks or cabin homes.

Our suggestion for these instances is monthly battery rotation. If you purchase a very efficient gate opener, take the E-S 1000H or D for example, then you could do the following to have a solar and power free instillation:

Purchase two large Group 22 batteries and a high quality battery charger/tender. Keep one battery out in the gate opener and the other in the house on the charger. Put a reminder in your calender that once a month you should put the battery in your vehicle and as you drive through the gate open the box and swap batteries.

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  1. I bet that solar gate openers save a ton of energy! I remember the first couple of years that I had my electric gate opener, and my electrical bill went up. I wasn’t used to that extra charge. However, I ‘m going to look more into these solar ones!

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