Voltage readings in regards to the Estate Swing E-S 1600 gate opener

Incorrect voltage or amperage to a gate opener motor or the control board can cause a number of issues. Some of the symptoms include slow movement of the gate opener, easy obstruction of the gate opener and early demise of the circuitry of control board.
Every gate opener is different however here is an example of a 24V gate opener – the Estate Swing E-S 1600. The gate opener transformer has an AC output and the gate opener control board’s rectifier converts it to DC voltage for the motor. The readings are as follows for the output 28.2 at idle, 26.3 for a single gate in full speed and 24.9 for a dual gate in full speed / 27.2¬†for a single gate in half speed and 25.9 for a dual gate in half speed. The reason for the variations is the usage of the amperage. If you do not have enough incoming amperage you will see greater variations in the voltage readings than what you see above. In this case you need to re-evaluate the 120VAC circuit the transformer of the gate opener is plugged into.
The output to the gate opener motor has very similar characteristics in terms of reaction to amperage. However you will note a lower voltage during slow speed, this is due to the gate opener control board being designed to put out less voltage to make the gate opener move slower; the less voltage supplied to the motor the slower it will spin. Typical readings : 28.1 for a single gate during full speed/18.9 during slow down. 26.9 for a dual gate during full speed/17.4 during slow down.
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