Using an Intercom or Videocom With Your Gate Opener

While many owners choose to use a sensor to operate their gate opener, some customers find it easier to use an intercom or videocom instead. Intercoms and videocoms are the perfect gate opener accessories for residential and commercial properties. The use of either of these devices can ensure extra security and privacy for the owner.

Intercoms and videocoms can provide extra security by letting the owner know who exactly is entering and leaving their property. Videocoms are less conspicuous than a camera, but still allow the owner to monitor activity on the property. carries the Comelit Intercom Hands-Free Color Expansion Doorbell Camera, an accessory to the Comelit Hands-Free Video Intercom System that functions as both a doorbell and a camera. This lets owners can see and hear who is arriving.

If a video feed is not needed, owners can opt for voice only and use an intercom instead.  There are two intercom options available, which are the standard press and call option and the intercom system that is operated via phone access. Those using phone access intercoms can open the gate using a keypad on the unit or their wireless phone, depending on the model. Gatecrafters carries a variety of both standard and wireless intercom systems.

Using a com system with a gate opener provides not only security, but privacy. Unwanted visitors are denied access to the owner’s property. Additionally, owners won’t have to worry about issues like the gate constantly opening and closing, which can create a disturbance.

So, if you’re looking for some extra privacy and security, consider purchasing an intercom or videocom to use with your gate opener!

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