Keeping Pests Our of Your Control Box

You paid good money for your gate, you take good care of it and do everything right so it’s daunting to think the entire operation could be shut down because a rogue ant decided to walk across your control board. Silly as it sounds, it happens. Pests like ants, bees and frogs will gain access to your control board through the incoming wires, release body moisture and fry it (and themselves). However, there are ways to keep these pests out of your expensive circuitry.

Ants tend to be the most exhausting culprit because they leave a scent trail along the wires and lead other ants to their new high-tech home. They key here is to destroy the scent trail. Here is an easy DIY ant control and prevention recipe:

Put some water, alcohol and dish soap in a squirt bottle using a 40:40:20 ratio and lightly spray the affected area (the box and wires, not the electronics itself!) Not only will this kill the ants on contact and destroy the scent trail, but the alcohol will also dry up the area discouraging moisture loving pests like frogs from coming in. Most pests also don’t appreciate the smell of alcohol and bees will be deterred by the dish soap. If you have a year round pest issue, use this mixture as part of your regular gate maintenance.

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