Keeping Your Gate Opener Battery Warm Through The Winter

One of our most common phone calls during the winter months is in regards to power issues for 12VDC battery operated gate openers. Most 12VDC gate openers run off batteries and the incoming transformer power is there only for charging purposes. Cold weather constricts the output of batteries and this will directly affect the performance of your gate opener.

One solution is adding a battery heater. A battery heater is a small pad that you stick on the side of the battery. It has a thermostat that activates the heating element when the ambient temperature drops below 40 degrees. The heater is powered from the incoming power that charges the batteries.

If you are running a solar powered gate opener you do not have the luxury of powering a battery heater off the battery. It will be too large a drain of the battery’s power to keep the heater active. In this case your best option is to try and insulate the battery. Attached is a picture of an installation from one of our customer in which they buried a battery box that all had insulation. The ground is a better constant of temperature than an open air box. Also the insulation with help to capture any of the heat given off during the charging process.

gate opener battery box installed in the ground
gate opener battery box installed in the ground
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